I’ve been there myself before, trying to get rid of fat using sarms such as gw-501516 which I’ll talk about in another video soon, so I know just how frustrating and how tedious that can be. Now, that’s obviously on the more sort of extreme end of things. It’s not gonna be black and white like that in most cases, but the bottom line is that if you want to not only maximize muscle growth but also minimize fat gains so that the highest possible percentage of your gains are coming in the form of lean mass.

Remember that moderating your calorie surplus isn’t enough, you also have to be really diligent with your training and you have to make sure that everything is properly set up so that the majority of the calories that you’re consuming are being used for building muscle. And this is especially true if you’re more toward the average to, maybe, slightly below average spectrum, in terms of muscle building genetics, or if you’re in the forty-five to fifty plus age range where muscle building becomes increasingly difficult.

Now, I’m not gonna go into a bunch of details here in terms of proper programming because that’s not the point of this video, but just in terms of the basics, aside from using proper lifting technique you need to make sure that your training intensity, your volume, and your frequency, or all at the proper levels, and that you’re applying progressive overload as well. So in terms of intensity, as a general guideline, I think going about one to two reps short of failure on most lifts most of the time is a good approach.

I’ve talked about this many times before, and that level of intensity is high enough to trigger the muscle building response effectively but it’s not so high that you’re gonna over stress your body or your joints and end up limiting the amount of volume that you can use. Remember that training intensity is absolutely primary. It’s the underlying stimulus that sets the entire muscle building process into motion. So, that’s really the first thing that I would look at in terms of structuring your training properly, because the bottom line is that if you just aren’t training hard enough then your body’s not gonna have any incentive for growth.

Just going through the motions is not enough if you really want to build an impressive physique, and challenging your body’s existing strength capacity is what forces it to adapt to higher and higher levels. And then in terms of volume and frequency, you’re gonna hear recommendations for this ranging all over the map, but I think that assuming your training is centered around that one to two reps short of failure level, you really don’t need to perform endless sets in the gym. Some people do well on really high volume programs, but for the average natural lifter with average genetics, I think a good middle ground approach works best.

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